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Submitted On 2006-05-07

The Best Creative Ideas Newsletter a monthly newsletter on Creative Ideas. It includes the following sections:

A. Creative Ideas on a different subject every month
B. Creative Tools you can use to become more creative yourself
C. New articles and resources available on [] Website
D. Recommendations on creativity websites, books and software
E. Readers' Corner: contributions of ideas, creativity case studies and thoughts by the readers of the newsletter.
F. Other crazy ideas...

Target Audience: business people, trainers, people interested in creativity and innovation

Tags: creative idea, creative ideas, creativity, creative tools, presentation, ebooks, creativity articles

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Hey Amir……….
I love the section about Rewarding Employees. I would love to see more articles like that. I’m putting some of them down for our bosses here. I think they would work.

Keep up the good work! Michelle Malkowski

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