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Submitted On 2006-07-14

The Creative Living Courier helps Right Brain People Thrive in a Left-Brain World. We serve Creative and Highly Sensitive People. Sharon Barnes and The Academy of Creative Living has developed the innovative tools of Creative Handwork and Contemplative Handwork and teach them as gentle, powerful ways to help creative, highly sensitive people heal, thrive and achieve.

Do You...

...Want to Succeed, Without Losing Your Creativity?

...Have Too Many Demands on Your Time and Energy?

...Have Compassion Fatigue, Caring for Everyone but Yourself?

...Feel Hindered or Blocked in Reaching your (Creative)Goals? We Can Help!

The Creative Living Courier is published twice a month or more, and brings you
+ TIPS to help you THRIVE, not just SURVIVE,
+ TOOLS to Manage your stress and BALANCE YOUR LIFE,
+ TRAINING in how to increase your PERSONAL POWER,
+ TECHNIQUES to transform your PAIN into GAIN
+ TOUCHES of Reflectve Inspiration to RELEASE your CREATIVE IMAGINATION.

Target Audience: Creative, Highly Sensitive People, writers, speakers, clergy, teachers, parents, mothers, youth lead

Tags: Work life balance, creativity, healing art, fabric art, art quilts, creative healing, ADD, AD/HD, st

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