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Submitted On 2009-02-02

Today, I Dance Lightly with Life - Jonathan Lockwood Huie

Daily Inspiration quotes, sayings, and insights on self-respect, self-worth, choice, positive attitude, happiness, vision, perspective, intent, forgiveness, and gratitude. Gain comfort, hope, and self-awareness through beautiful posters with inspiring sayings, and penetrating inquiry on the meaning of life and finding your purpose.

Target Audience: Everyone seeking support, comfort, and hope in overcoming life challenges and conflicts

Tags: daily, inspiration, quotes, sayings, insight, self-respect, self-worth, choice, positive attitude

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I could not go another day without thanking you for sharing such a wonderful and insightful website with the rest of us. I LOVE your daily messages, and find myself getting excited when I know there will be an uplifting or thought provoking message from you. This has helped me to focus my positive energy, and direct it more towards my daily tasks.

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