Daily Universal Insights - Spirituality Inside and Out
Submitted On 2007-01-28

Start your day with a message of love and insight. Subscribe to receive daily messages for you to meditate on, pray with and expand your awareness and connection to your true self-inside and out.

These insights come from the universe via the consciousness of Michell Morovaty. Michelle has dedicated her life to her global vision and life purpose of connecting people to people, to create oneness, and through support and universal guidance, educate people about the power within to heal oneself and others. Over the last seven years Michelle has healed herself from Lupus, other significant challenges and has taught many others how to do so as well. She uses her intuition and universal guidance to assist people through the healing process.

Michelle is an intuitive Spiritual healer and teacher. She is a Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Master Time-Line Therapy, and Master Hypnotherapist. She is also certified in other healing modalities including Reiki and Pranic healing.

Target Audience: People interested in Spirituality, meditation, self understanding and personal development

Tags: Spiritual, Meditation, Mind-Body-Soul, Personal Development, Self Help, God, Universe, Love, Insight

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Testimonial for Daily Universal Insights - Spirituality Inside and Out

Thank you for sending me your daily universal insights. Everyday as I wake up, I check my computer to read the insights. For some reason it seems that each insight is connected to give me a particular message. I have e-mailed you a couple of times and mentioned how I felt the connection with the cosmos and the message I was receiving. A few times the messages were just so clear and so relevant to what I needed at that time for my life!

I believe that some how you are the link to the cosmos and the special people you are meditating with. That's why in your insights you transfer something for each person that pertains to their lives at that time. I feel as I am just beginning to connect with the cosmos myself and I am so happy to learn more about spirituality. Thank you for all your insights. Minoo H

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