DailyAffirm: Positive Affirmations Day by Day
Submitted On 2005-12-17

DailyAffirm supports you in your personal development day by day, week by week, and month by month. Each month we focus on a different theme with five different types of affirmations. This empowering process includes suggestions for you to work with each affirmation for your personal growth. Readers appreciate DailyAffirm's inspiration, wisdom, encouragement, and uplifting insights.

Target Audience: Anyone interested in Personal Development and Empowerment

Tags: Empowerment, Personal Development, Personal Growth, Positive Affirmations

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Testimonial for DailyAffirm: Positive Affirmations Day by Day

"Good Morning to you from Germany. This morning I woke up to joy. Isn't that a wonderful way to meet the day? After my readings an image came to mind which fits perfectly the affirmation for today...I stand in a circle of light. It was clear to me that if anyone or anything creates shadows to make my light circle smaller/weaker I just have to increase the power of the light source!" T.S., GERMANY

"Dear Jeanie, Just wanted to let you know how much I am appreciating the affirmations. I have taken to writing each day's affirmation in my day book so that I see it again every time I look at what I have on for the day." M., USA

"Thanks for your daily gift. I welcome it like breakfast." D., USA

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