Daring Doctors
Submitted On 2006-12-30

Start thinking and acting strategically about your professional life and career. If you are a physician willing to take responsibility for your professional destiny and career fulfillment, and want to learn in an ethical and supportive forum, join the Daring Doctors!

The monthly Daring Doctors newsletter is available by joining the Coaching Club. This unique and exciting forum for physicians offers multiple self-guided and peer-supported resources, including: dozens of articles, special downloads and assessments, bi-weekly audio "coaching pearls," plus the option of structured teleseminar programs covering topics such as creating passive income, developing your communication skills, thinking like a business person, and expanding your career.

Welcome to Daring Doctors!

Target Audience: physicians, doctors, Chief Medical Officers, healthcare executives, healthcare professionals

Tags: physicians, doctors, executive coaching, career coaching, leadership

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