Dear Kathy's Relationship Newsletter
Submitted On 2007-12-11

Dear Kathy's Relationship Newsletter is written for Single or Divorced men and women who want to find their soulmates. Also, people in bad relationship who are looking for answers. Weekly newsletter contains relationship tips, advice, articles, and resources to help subscribers have the relationships they have always wanted.

Subscribe today and learn the right way to date, the best ways to find true love, and get help for your relationship/marriage issues.

You don't have to settle, and you don't have to suffer. Subscribe today and fix your relationship problems.

Target Audience: Single or divorced men and women and couples in bad relationships

Tags: relationships, dating, romance, committment, marriage, single men, single women, married couples

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"Dear Kathy, I really want to say a big Thank You for your Special Report on the Ten Secrets to a Happy Relationship...It has really opened my eyes to understanding marriage...I have made up my mind that-no matter what-I am going to stay married, and happily married, to my wonderful wife." S.A.

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