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Submitted On 2011-01-08

Weekly newsletter filled with tips on how to "live" the principles of deliberately creating and receiving your reality. Each issue includes an exclusive article for Newsletter readers only, feel-good items from the current news, as well as important LOA updates and information.

Signing up for the newsletter also entitles the reader to a FREE 38 page E-book and 45 minute Audio fully explaining how the Law of Attraction and the Reality Creation Process really work.

Target Audience: Those who are searching for a logical, pragmatic explanation of LOA and Universal Energy

Tags: Law of Attraction, Manifesting, creating reality, spiritual

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"Thanks for sharing this valuable info for free. I'm surprised and grateful that it's free."

"I really like the straightforward manner in which you approach these issues."

"Love the newsletter, as it was exactly what I needed during the holidays. Thanks for being who you are!"

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