Direct Deposit
Submitted On 2006-10-24

Your money goes directly into the bank without you having to run another errand ó going to the bank. What a great concept Direct Deposit is. It saves you your precious time.

But what it doesnít save you is your precious money. You never seem to have enough cash and you never know why. Thatís because you donít even get the chance to see your money anymore.

Since you donít get to see it, you donít get to manage it. The first step to managing your money is to actually look at your finances. If you donít look at your finances, you wonít be able to improve your circumstances.

As soon as youíre willing to admit your current financial status and spending habits ... thatís when youíll be ready to make money changes to better your situation and buy the latest ďhoboĒ or go to your favorite exquisite sushi dinner.

Take a direct look at your financial situation. It might be nerve-racking, frustrating and even depressing, but in the end, itíll be beneficial to you.

Make sure you are the one who is directly in control of where your money is deposited ó whether it be Bloomingdales or your bank account.

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