Discover The Amazing Secrets of Puzzles Games And Toys
Submitted On 2006-07-13

This ezine is about how Animals Dinosaurs and Bugs have influenced our buying habits.

The ezine will go into the history of puzzles, toys and gifts, and to try and solve why they became popular. Also the latest trends in the gift, puzzle and toy world will be looked into to see why they are the latest craze.

The ezine is a lighthearted look at the way mother nature has shaped our lives, our homes, our fashion and our car accessories. We will look at how we imitate animals, dinosaurs and bugs so they are always around us, even though the real thing is something we try to keep away from.

Target Audience: Puzzlers, people who like nature related things, kids, people buying gifts,parents,

Tags: animals, dinosaurs, bugs, jigsaw, puzzles, woodcuts, 3d puzzles, toys, gifts,

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