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Submitted On 2008-12-27

“Want To Awaken Your Woman’s Soul?”

If you haven’t already signed up for the Discovery Divas eZine…we invite you to take action now!

What’s This Free Monthly eZine All About? “Discovery Divas” is the fun and friendly monthly guide full of inspiration, valuable articles, tools you can use on your search for the soul, and happenings in the diva realm...delivered right to you inbox.

It is valued at $179/year, but is yours *FREE* as our way to thank you for supporting us at SoulStar Discovery For Women Inc.

What’s In it For You? 1. Learn how to awaken your woman’s soul. 2. Easy ways to take your self discovery to the next level. 3. Simple strategies to live an authentic life. 4. How to articles 5. Quick and easy tips 6. Upcoming SoulStar events 7. Special SoulStar promotions

Target Audience: Women spiritual explorers and soulful adventurers.

Tags: awakening, consciousness, empowering women, personal growth, self discovery, uplifting human conscio

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