Dolphins And Whales
Submitted On 2007-05-24

Growth is the most important characteristic feature of life. What does not grow dies or fossilizes.

Have a look at yourself. How flexible are you? How creative? How courageous? How alive? Do you become more rigid with every day that goes by? Do you feel the increasing weight of an accumulating crust? Can you see how numbers take the place of dreams? Do you feel how your head grows bigger while your heart is beginning to shrink? Are you turning into an old, slow-moving whale?

If you see the great whales, you will notice that on some species, barnacles and other life forms have attached themselves to the animal's skin. Barnacles do not grow on dolphins because dolphins never cease to move. Dolphins are agile, fast and intelligent. They spend their lives hunting, playing and making love. How about you? How do you choose to live? Are you going to carry on like a slow whale or are you going to dive in like a daring dolphin?

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