Dr. Neill Neill's Practical Psychology
Submitted On 2006-07-13

Each issue of Dr. Neill Neill's Practical Psychology features an original article or two on some topic of practical psychology. The aticles are for normal healthy people who, like most, have lots of questions about improving relationships, self-insight, meditation, negative habits like worry, recovery from loss, alcoholism, how to maintain balance in life, or about the urge to help everyone else but neglect themselves. The goal of the newsletter is to help people around the world to help themselves become more self-aware and live happier, healthier lives.

Target Audience: Those wanting more awareness, balance and fulfillment in their lives through emotional and spiritual

Tags: self-help, psychology, articles, emotional healing, emotional health, conscious living, presence, aw

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Testimonial for Dr. Neill Neill's Practical Psychology

My dear Friend; Imagine getting a FREE session with my favourite therapist. What i want to thank you for today is the Insight I received just now in reading your article. I have been feeling crazier than I have in years since the hurrican happened and while I would get glimpses that possibly I was being affected I ignored the impact this event was having on me..... Thank you so much and yes I KNOW what to do. Blessings to you and have a wonderful holiday.... (Client confidentiality rules prevent using name)

Hi Dr. Neill: I sure enjoy your articles; they always provide me with much "food for thought" and often assist in evaluating real life situations with your practical and realistic point of view. The one below is particularly meaningful and useful. Pat

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