Drink To Your Health
Submitted On 2008-06-13

There was a time when the natural and healthy beverage section was limited to herbal teas

and freshly squeezed orange juice. Now we find not only the traditional favorites on the

shelves, but new options that are very healthy, tasty,and provide needed nutrients for our

busy lives. Here are few you can try:

Target Audience: people in their 40's and 50's

Tags: antioxidants, pea protein, whey protein, greens protein 8 in 1, mangosteen, vitamins.

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The prostate support product that you mailed me works very well. I do not like to take prescription drugs if they can be avoided. It is nice to have an honest supplier like you to relay on for quality supplements.

Thanks, VitaminBaron

Thomas H. Los Vegas, NV

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