Drunk with Wonder
Submitted On 2007-04-11

Every month, noted author and music reviewer Steve Ryals writes an original article covering some aspect of his ground-breaking book, Drunk with Wonder: Awakening to the God Within. Steve also contributes a music review, highlights a "Being the Change" organization or individual, and offers an original poem.

With each issue, our goal is to bring you stimulating, informative and uplifting articles. Should you find this newsletter at all helpful in creating a more balanced, love-based life, please forward it freely to friends and family. We're always delighted to accept new subscribers. Please join us in co-creating the world of our dreams.

Target Audience: Cultural Creatives, LOHASIANS, and everyone interested in Being the Change they wish to see in the w

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Testimonial for Drunk with Wonder

Thank you for your SUPERB newsletter. I am so in agreement with Steve's view of what life is all about. Someone must love me very much to have enabled me to have you and Steve as Email friends and to have read and passed on his sublime book, Drunk with Wonder, to my brother and my other family contacts.

I have known about Ken Wilbur for years and his heart-rending experience of the passing of his wonderful wife to cancer. However Steve puts such a wonderful yet matter of fact explanation to the reality of our life, its true wonder and marvelous miraculous experience with every breath we take. That is what it is all about and the experience merely requires a change of comprehension and seeing life as it truly is a miracle.

- George, UK

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