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ENERGYPARENTING News is a FREE weekly e-magazine to energize parents, educators, therapists and every adult who thrives on transforming the most highly challenging children on the planet who also happen to reside in your home into their greatness and a life of success. Medication is optional, in most cases - for the child AND the adult. Sign up to receive your own copy at and receive our FREE eBook, "The Top 2 Biggest Parenting Mistakes and How to Avoid Them."

Target Audience: Parents of challenging children.

Tags: Best parenting practices, challenging children, challenging teenagers, bad behavior, ADHD, ADD, OCD,

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Testimonial for ENERGYPARENTING News

"I read your letters and they always inspire me," Annie Summers, parent of an intense child and junior high behavior interventionist.

"My first lightning bolt hit me when I read “The Top 2 Biggest Parenting Mistakes”. It made more sense to me than anything I have read in the last couple of years. My second “180” came when I read the newsletter discussing how if I would interrupt my internal dialog and energize my own success, I would be much more successful in my efforts to make a positive difference in my children’s lives. That was as if it were written just for me.Thank you for your dedication to the cause of POSITIVITY ! The lightning bolts have opened my eyes and I am so very grateful. Keep shooting them my way! (I am not only incorporating them into my family’s life but in a high school setting and also sharing them with other moms in my Sunday school class) Thank You!" - Jenny Price

"Thank you for all your inspirational work. I have been living my life as mindful as I can , catching myself all the time when I engaged in negative thinking or emotions ,I absolutely see how my energy affects everybody around me and is a real gift to know that I can many times raise their own energy just by being really present with them and send positive feedback. it changes your life and everything that you do has a different flavor. It is about being connected to myself and like you said really taking responsibility for our own energy ........ our state of consciousness." - Blanca Hall

"Wow do I need this one!!!!!!!!!!!" Mary Giorgi, in response to 12/4/08 ENERGYPARENTING News - A Dickens of a Drama? Not this year!

"Thanks so much for your work. I LOVE this approach and have been recommending it and using it...I am both a therapist and a very involved grandparent of a high energy child. Please keep it coming every week!" Anita Doyle

"I LOVE "Don't let my goats out"! Very Cute!" Angela Ray Smith, in response to "Don't Let The Goats Out!" to a the tune of "Who Let the Dogs Out!" A newsletter/reader-inspired feature you can find here:

"Your website and newsletters are so helpful because they keep feeding me little reminders...a lightbulb has literally come on in my head about how to deal with my difficult daughter," - Lauren Oostingh, South Africa

"Thank you for such an uplifting and timely message! I need to do more recognizing of the goodness in my nondifficult children! Keep up the great work," Mary Allen

"Each newsletter is such a gem..." Your loyal fan, Sue de Campo

"Yet again, I think you are writing just for me! I need to read this over and over again," Much Gratitude, Shana Khoury

"Wow, Susan, Your newsletters just keep getting better and better. I'm really inspired by this. Thank you so much." Laurel Gord

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