ETF Global Investor
Submitted On 2009-02-11

The ETF Global Investor analyzes almost 900 ETFs every week and shows you the best places on the planet to invest your money right now. Invest a measly $4.97 to protect and grow your wealth through smart investing in the top ranked ETFs from around the world. You will find powerful ETFs to target sectors like gold, oil, agriculture, currencies, commodities plus international & domestic stocks and bonds. As soon as you become a trial member, you'll receive your first issue within minutes, showing you the most profitable sectors, industries and regions of the world.

Target Audience: Global Stock Market Investors

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Ezine Subscription Info: 30-day Trial Subscription for $4.97

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Ezine Owner: Roger Williams

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Circulation: 27000+

Subscription Fee: $49.97

Frequency of subscription renewal: Monthly

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Testimonial for ETF Global Investor

Your investment advice is making money and generating very nice returns! Your advice has already paid for itself many times over.

Your portfolios brilliantly turned to bear market investments that are doing well despite the current market conditions. I had hoped your service would know how to profit from a bear market as well as a bull market. Indeed it has proven itself a real winner in both kinds of markets.

I commend you on your expertise and am deeply grateful for having found your financial website!

Please feel free to use my recommendation as a testimonial of your outstanding financial investment advice. Thank you.

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