Emphasis On Moms
Submitted On 2006-04-19

Emphasis On Moms focuses on nurturing the marriage relationship, strengthening the parent-child bond, and restoring individual feelings and dreams back into a mom's heart and life.

Mothers of all ages and all walks of life can learn, grow, and be inspired while they navigate each one of their roles as parents, wives, and individual women.

Target Audience: women/mom's

Tags: home and family, mothers, moms, stay at home moms, homemakers, homemaking, parent child relationship

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Circulation: 1500+

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Testimonial for Emphasis On Moms

I have told you before how much I enjoy your e-newsletter, but today it really made an impact on me. We have been facing alot of emotional abuse from my husband's family and with the holidays coming, stress is running high. I actually had a nap today but the dreams I had concerning this stress disturbed me so much that I was in a very very bad mood when I awoke. This would have ruined our much anticipated night out with our Sunday School group. Checking my email is a habit that I do even when in a bad mood, and I am so thankful that this is what I found this time. It changed my entire outlook and mood for the day. Thank you again and I will be praying for your continued strength and encouragement to reach others. It helps me so much. Thank you

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