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Submitted On 2009-02-02

My ezine was created as a tool of empowerment for those seeking to become empowered. As a spiritual life coach I frequently connect with individuals who feel lost and desperate, who want a different life but do not know how to find it. My journey has brought me into a place of complete happiness and joy no matter what is going on around me, and my passion is to help others find this kind of life through the universal spiritual principles that I share in my monthly newsletter. An empowered life is one that flows with the current, not against it. This life is free and easy and only requires awareness of basic spiritual principles for how it is meant to be with action steps to live it. It is a life of endless possibilities and is an exciting adventure every day. My wish is that everyone who reads my newsletter will be lifted up into a new level of life!

Target Audience: Individuals who want to grow spiritually and become empowered

Tags: empowered, create, growth, opportunity, joy, abundance, success, love

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Testimonial for Empowered Living Newsletter

In the Blink of an Eye...what a great article! Truely helpful & inspirational. Thank you so much. Ruth Hello Dr. Carolyn,

Thank you for sending this very thought-provoking article "Healing Your Life." I wonder if you would give me permission to quote and use some of your writing about how thoughts shape us and the way to focus on positive thoughts to overcome the negative ones. Thank you for your consideration.

Dave Pipitone Streamwood, IL

Dear Dr Carolyn Porter

I really loved the newsletter. Reading your articles is helping me greatly in my spiritual growth. I have sent it to some of the people who are close to me so that they can also benefit from it. I feel you are doing a great service to mankind by helping them hang on and follow their dreams. Thanks so much.

Sincerly, Nidhi Chandra

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