Energy Journal
Submitted On 2006-12-01

Cyrilla's diverse experience, knowledge and intuition provides her with the unique appreciation for peoples desires to live a more fulfilling, healthy and conscious life. This newsletter helps individuals who are on a spiritual path and want a practical, down to earth approach to gaining insight into their important life questions. Each energy journal consists of astrological energetic patterns of the period, her intuitive interpretation of this energy, health and wellness tips and explanations of terminology.

Target Audience: Individual who are on a spiritual path and want a practical, down to earth approach at gaining insi

Tags: Astrology, reiki, energy patterns, spiritual guidance, mind, body, spirit wellness, alternative heal

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Oh, My Gosh now I understand what's going on in my life. I am continually amazed at your accuracy of astrology and how it relates to real life. Your insight provides much needed clarity and offers a sense of comfort, direction, optimism and understanding. TB

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