Excessive Sweating Anonymous
Submitted On 2008-04-02

We provide powerful and practical tips to help people who suffer from excessive sweating, or 'Hyperhidrosis,' a rare medical condition causing profuse, uncontrollable sweat.

My brother and I started this website and corresponding eZine, Excessive Sweating Anonymous, after we finally figured out a cure for our own sweating problem. We tried everything under the sun, and finally found a combination of things that worked to stop our sweating disease.

In the eZine, we spend a little time discussing traditional treatment options, such as prescription antiperspirants, and oral medications. But we also investigate less common techniques such as making dietary changes, fitness changes, and practicing systematic relaxation, like meditation, yoga, or hypnosis.

But as you may have figured, a person who is afflicted with hyperhidrosis has other issues to deal with as well. For instance, from a social standpoint. The eZine is packed with social strategies for work and school situations. Since anxiety and depression often accompany Hyperhidrosis, we visit those topics and give tips for beating the blues as well.

Target Audience: Excessive sweaters

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"Thank you so much for the email about breaking the cycle of excessive sweating and anxiety. It helped me immediately when I tried some of the things you suggested. I'm looking forward to the next issue."

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