Expectant Fathers
Submitted On 2007-09-03

Expectant Fathers! Learn how to become the father you want to be (and your wife needs you to be).

As a three-time expectant father, Armin Brott is well-qualified to share the truth about maintaining peace at home as you and your partner travel the bumpy road to parenthood.

Known by the media as Mr.Dad, Armin is frequently called on by news and entertainment networks alike to share his wisdom with national audiences. He hosts a nationally-syndicated weekly radio show and writes a nationally-syndicated newspaper column.

Now you can benefit from his expertise -- at no charge.

Target Audience: expectant fathers

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Testimonial for Expectant Fathers

"Some months ago, a friend recommended [your book,] The Expectant Father, which I soon after purchased and absorbed. It is really an amazing book--the information in there is sound, experience-based, and laden with common sense. My wife and I both found that it was often our best source out of everything we had, including all the staple books that seemingly every couple reads. ...We just ordered your follow-up books. Looking forward to reading those too! Many, many thanks for doing what you do."

- Joe Eglash,

Music Producer

(Tulsa, Oklahoma)

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