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Submitted On 2007-04-11

Net Intelligence Agency is dedicated to helping internet marketers create a unique identity. Our free FINGERPRINTS newsletter expands on N.I.A. Fingerprint Kit's start-to-finish brand crafting process. N.I.A. Fingerprint Kit teaches marketers how to craft unique brand names, build a compelling brand personality, and differentiate products and companies.

The FINGERPRINTS newsletter explores the impact of brand on a company's bottom line and why brand matters (most). Typical FINGERPRINTS e-intel includes: brand namecrafting techniques for the niches, brand eccentricity, Trench Marketing tactics, how to color and refine a brand personality that builds personal relationships with customers, and how to communicate a brand message that differentiates your brand from its competitors. Offers occasional discounts on N.I.A. products. SPAM-free and ad-free.

Target Audience: Internet marketers, niche marketers, affiliate marketers, entrepreneurs, brand strategists

Tags: brand identity, brand strategy, brand personality, brand name, internet brand strategy, internet bra

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