Facts about Tasers
Submitted On 2008-08-18

1)Is a Taser considered a firearem? NO! In 1994 & 1998 The ATF stated Tasers are "non-firearms".

2) Is a Taser a lethal Weapon" NO! In fact it actually reduces injuries to subjects and victims by significat percentages. Also studies have show a Taser has the stopping power of a 9mm handgun, but with no injury.

3) Are Tasers dangersous to persons with pacmakers? NO! Both the human heart and pacemakers are able to withstand the power of a defbrillator that emits 300 joules of energy. A Taser emits less than one Joule of energy. These devices have been used over 1 million times without causing a single death.

4) Is it legal to carry a Taser? YES, but with some limitations. You can't carry on an airplane or take them into courtooms or some schools. If are over the age of 18 it can be legally carried in 43 States. You cannot carry a Taser in DC, HI, MA, MI, NJ, NY, RI or WI, as well as a few cities like Annapolis, Baltimore, chicago, and Philadelphia. Some restritions apply to CT and IL.

5) Is a Taser like shooting a gun? Not exactly. There is not a loud bang or "kick" or recoil. You will hear a loud pop like a balloon popping.

6) How does a Taser "shoot" the electric probes? It uses compressed inert nitrogen to launch the probes at approximately 100 MPH.

7) Is there a money back guarantee? YES, a 30-day money-back guarantee less shipping and handling on unactivated units. Once you've activated the Taser a refund is unable to be issued. The exception is if you use your Taser to protect yourself. For example, you are attacked, you use your taser then run away. Taser will replace your unit FREE.

8)Is there a warranty? YES! your safety is more important than money to Taser. Every Taser comes with a 90-day warranty that ensures your Taser is free of defects from the point of activation. You may also purchase a 1 or 3 year "no questions asked" warranty during the activation process that guarantees Taser International will repair or replace your Taser if it fails to function for any reason for the length of the warranty.

9) How far does a Taser shoot? 15 feet.

10)What kind of technology is used to make a Taser more effective than a stun gun? A stun gun is still good to have and it is less expensive. Plus a Taser can also be used as a stun gun. But a Taser uses EMD (Electro-Muscular Distruption). This technology is a type of pulse techology that penetrates 2" of clothing.

11) How does Taser International make sure criminals don't have Tasers? Once a Taser is shipped to you, you must call an 800 number or go online to activate the Taser. During this process there is $9.95 fee for a background check. If you come back clean, they give you a code to activate the Taser.

12) I've heard of something called AFIDs in Tasers. What is that? AFIDS stands for Anti-felon Identificaton Defense System. They are tiny pieces of confetti that shoot out from the Taser when it is fired. Police can collect this confetti, contact Taser, and find out who the Taser belongs too.

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