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Submitted On 2009-02-13

Feng Shui Health and Wellness Specialist, Sheri Ruston, can teach you how to create a supportive environment within your home and within your body to dramatically improve your health, well-being and mindset. Sheri's innovative healing approach combines her wisdom of simple Feng Shui principles along with her health expertise which she learned on her journey of healing her body from a 35 year autoimmune disease. Her free bi-monthly ezine packed with "how to" information to immediately improve your health.

Target Audience: Spiritually minded women age 40+ who are suffering with health problems and are interested in healin

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“Thank you Sheri for another enjoyable Ezine. I really like the simple and straightforward articles and valuable tips.”

Paulina Svard

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Rave review - Sheri's ezine is chock full of excellent, and easy-to-do suggestions ...

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