Fertility Action Plan
Submitted On 2008-11-22

My Fertility Plan and its newsletter, Fertility Action Plan, provides the answers you need to make your infertility journey easier, safer, more cost-effective, and much more efficient in helping you bring home a baby as soon as possible.

Are you too busy to do the research on your own? Overwhelmed after not being able to get a straight answer from anyone, including your doctor? Do you think there is no way you can afford the high costs of infertility treatments? Are their alternatives to IVF? Are you very private and want to keep your infertility treatments discreet, but need someone to talk you through this experience? Or perhaps you’ve already tried some infertility treatments with no success and just want some advice or get an unbiased opinion about your next steps.Information is power, and with enough information you will make the best decision for your family. We will help you create your plan and accompany you on your journey to build the family of your dreams smoothly, affordably, and joyfully.

Target Audience: men and women ages 25 and older

Tags: fertility, infertility, pregnant, pregnancy, baby, women's health

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