Financial Tips - Strategies for UK Resident Doctors and Dentists To Get Ahead Financially
Submitted On 2008-03-22

The twice monthly 'Financial Tips' newsletter is written for UK resident doctors and dentists and its aim is to help doctors and dentists keep abreast of all the issues that affect them in the financial world, saving them hours of research time. Each issue includes a key article and Q&A section, written by financial planning practitioners Graeme Urwin and Ray Prince who are dealing with clients every day.

Target Audience: UK Resident Doctors & Dentists

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Testimonial for Financial Tips - Strategies for UK Resident Doctors and Dentists To Get Ahead Financially

Iíve been receiving the Financial Tips newsletter by email now for about 3 months. I try to keep up with the financial sections in the weekend newspapers but increasingly find I donít have the time to read them in the detail Iíd like.

Consequently I find the newsletter very useful as I can digest the bite sized pieces of information in the limited time I have available. Reassuringly they usually back up my own thoughts on various financial matters and occasionally they are thought provoking as they address a topic that I havenít been giving much consideration to.

There are some emails that make your heart sink when you see the subject matter, but this is one I always enjoy receiving.

Dr P Fisher, Hospital Consultant, Sheffield

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