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At the Finding Time Ezine, we are devoted to helping very busy people align their values with their daily habits around time, using a unique value-driven approach

Many experts provide time management skills without helping people understand their underlying values, messages they work from, and behaviors they use. In contrast, we provide articles, timely tips, and an "Ask Paula, the Time Finder" to whom readers submit their real life time questions and receive personalized answers. By reading the Finding Time Ezine and developing your Personal T.I.M.E. Paradigm™, you can identify your time conflicts and energy drains, and create life-balancing choices at any stage of your life.

For 20 years, our Editor, Paula Eder, Ph.D., has coached very busy people in finding the time required to negotiate the complexities of personal and professional growth, and to develop time resiliency.

The Finding Time Exine is published every three weeks, with formats that alternate between constructive and practical Articles and Columns on Time-related topics, and an issue that features Timely Tips and the "Ask Paula, the Time Finder" section. Our newest , added Column is entitled, "Time, Energy, and Baby-to-Be, and will focus on the unique time challenges facing expectant, working Mothers. This series will be followed by "Time, Engery, and New Baby at Home," which will address the time challenges faced by new, working Mothers.

Target Audience: adult learners, solopeneurs, independent professional practitioners,and small business owners

Tags: time management, schedules, self-motivation, graduate students, small business, professional practic

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Finding Time E-zine is the best!

The most useful parts of the E-zine for me are its great tips, support and unique wisdom. I love it!

Reading Finding Time is a gift I give myself. I have more time to do what is meaningful to me by incorporating the Finding Time "Timely Tips" into my daily life."

Marie H. Falmouth, MA. Cape Cod,

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