Fit N Healthy
Submitted On 2006-07-13

Fit N Healthy is designed to teach you how to boost your metabolism, burn more fat with less effort, and lose all the weight you want... fast. It's filled with tips and secret strategies to help you completely transform your body from a before into an after, including tips on cardio training, weight training, nutrition, fat loss, muscle building and toning, and, most importantly, mental strategies you can use to not only get the most out of your health and fitness program but to help you stick with your program for the long term and lead a successful, happy life.

Target Audience: people interested in health, fitness and success

Tags: fat loss, lose fat, weight loss, lose weight, diet, nutrition, weight training, build muscle, muscle

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Ezine Owner: Gregg Gillies

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Thanks for all your great advice. You give the typical person hope. We've tried and failed at bizillions of diets and programs, and finally you allow us to think, "you know, yes, that could be me walking around the beach being admired by loads of people while strutting my stuff in a bikini."

Honestly, I see you as the next Bill Phillips.

I love this!

Erin Cherek Wisconsin

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