"Fitness & Exercise, It's all in the Details!" from Imagine a Fit & Healthy You
Submitted On 2010-06-02

1. "It's all in the Details!" Details can be frustrating, especially in exercise; and may seem trivial, but they can actually keep you safe from injury and provide the maximum benefit possible for each exercise you perform!

2. "Exercise of the Week" Front Raise w/dumbbells standing on a Bosu

3. "Member Tip!" Tom sent me this great tip about how keeping track of the small things really add up when it comes to healthy living! I wanted to pass it on because it fits right in with paying attention to the details!

Target Audience: Anyone interested in fitness, exercise, diet, healthy living

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Testimonial for "Fitness & Exercise, It's all in the Details!" from Imagine a Fit & Healthy You

“Before Tanya I was working out consistently, but I have never seen the muscle definition that I have now! I am addicted to her workouts because not only are they extremely effective they are a lot of fun and different every time! They also challenge me and push me in ways I would never push myself. I never get bored with my workouts anymore because Tanya has given me new excitement for exercise!” Tegia Boswell

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