Forex Trading Robots - The Facts and Fantasies
Submitted On 2009-02-08

Forex trading is very profitable as well as risky. 90% of new traders lose their investment due to the risks involved. Most loses are due to two emotions namely Fear and Greed. Other factors like tiredness, inconsistency, and lack of trading plan, and poor money management. These problems however are solved by use of trading robots. Expert knowledge has been programmed into these robots to place trades and make profits using proper trading plans and money management. Robots are not affected by human emotions.

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Testimonial for Forex Trading Robots - The Facts and Fantasies

Hello Freeadviser Hope you're doing alright & your family. Just to update you. I bought FapTurbo via your blog after chatting with you on Monday.

The result I got from using it to trade on my Demo acct is quite amazing. It made a profit of 89 from 10 trades carried out with scalper strategy. Another impressive thing is that it made only one loss trade of just 5 out of the 10 trades executed. I doubt it if I could get the same result without the robot considering how human psychology works especially when one is losing money on a trade. From your testimony & those of others I've come across online, the robot should be able to replicate this sort of excellent performance when I migrate to a live account. It would be a real fun then because I won't experience any mental stress since the money manger would help preserve my deposit while the robot decides on best time to enter & exit market...What an intelligent robot!...Those guys that developed the robot have done a great job & they must be in money now...I'm really challenged...

I would keep you posted when I start trading on my live account... Thank you a trillion for introducing me to FapTurbo...It has made Forex trading an achievable thing... Stay blessed Ay, United Kingdom

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