Forgivenes and Positive Living
Submitted On 2008-04-25

Forgiveness benefits both, but you the most, because you left the negative baggage behind. You are now ready to receive the positive force, energy, love, wealth and success the universe have in store for you. Forgiveness is something virtually all Americans aspire to. A Gallup poll nationwide survey, 94% said it was important to forgive, but it is not something we frequently offer. (In the same survey, only 48% said they usually tried to forgive others.) “Forgiveness is both a decision and a real change in emotional experience. That change in emotion is related to better mental and physical health.”

Target Audience: New Age, Spiritual group, Relaxation and meditation, Mental Health

Tags: Forgive, Forgiveness, Positive thinking, Positive living, Health issues, Happiness, Marriage counsel

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