Forgiveness and Freedom Ezine
Submitted On 2009-02-03

Brenda Adelman, Actress/Playwright/Speaker/Coach/Life Guide writes her monthly e-zine from the heart. She offers wisdom, guidance and support to those seeking to learn how to forgive the seemingly unforgivable in their lives. She highlights her work in Spiritual Psychology, her writing in the field of forgiveness work and her performances of her One Woman Show, My Brooklyn Hamlet. She answers questions from readers and visitors to her website, where readers can find out more about her work: 'The 5 Top Reasons to Never Forgive and Why You Must'

It is published the 1st Friday of every month.

Target Audience: Anyone who is interested in living a life free from the pain of unforgiven past hurts.

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Brenda Adelman has the rare combination of having been profoundly wounded by life, having a willingness to bring her wounding into the public eye with great love and immense humor, and being an extraordinary talent. Her show captures the audience from the moment she steps onto the stage and she holds our attention throughout. Finally, and most significantly, the show is an experience in healing for all who attend. In my opinion, as a spiritual teacher who spent years incarcerated and living the dark side in my earlier life, nothing impacts us more than to actually see someone who has returned from the darkness with a message of redemption. Such is the case of Brenda Adelman and her phenomenal show, My Brooklyn Hamlet.

Rev. Mark Pope Minister/Unity Church of Sedona Founder/ The Awakening Heart Center of Sedona

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