Friday Mind Massage
Submitted On 2006-12-24

Ready to develop greater mindfulness--without meditating? Try this playful, eyes-wide-open approach to paying attention!

Maya Talisman Frost has taught thousands of people how to pay attention in order to get calm, clear and creative. She has been helping people maximize their formidable frontal lobes for over 25 years. Her lighthearted but life-changing techniques for practical awareness have been featured in dozens of publications, ranging from Woman's Day to Penthouse. She works with business leaders, counselors, life coaches, teachers, ADD/ADHD professionals, community activists and parents from around the world.

Each weekly issue of the Friday Mind Massage includes a thought-provoking article followed by a "secret assignment"--a little mindfulness game you can play with yourself while doing the things you do anyway. Although she has meditated for over 30 years, Maya isn't attached to the idea of meditation as the only path to mindfulness. Instead, she invites everyone to develop their innate awareness in several areas of multiple intelligence. If you can't get into meditation but want to develop greater awareness, this is the perfect approach for you!

Target Audience: teachers, life coaches, counselors, health care professionals, those with ADD/ADHD, parents, and any

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Testimonial for Friday Mind Massage

Maya- I have to hand it to you.

Every time I read your Friday Mind Massage it does a little jig on my heart and head.

I forget I'm reading. I feel like you're just a friend telling me some great stories- with a point. And then I'm caught because I want to read your story, and yet I can't wait to get to the end and find out what the Secret Assignment for the week is!

Thank you for taking the ordinary life and reminding me to see the extraordinary in it. When many of those other ezines I subscribe to are piling up in my inbox (unread to this day) it's because I'm busy reading the Friday Mind Massage."

Mark Silver, founder

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