Funky to Fabulous: Success Power Tips for Savvy, Successful Working Women
Submitted On 2006-07-13

2x2x4. Make Twice the Money. With Half the Work and Four Times the Fun.

Get trademark "Turnaround Techniques" that you won't find anywhere else on the internet to build your business and avoid burnout. Overcome the "Inner Glass Ceiling" and get specific tools to earn and enjoy more.

Eli coaches Hollywood insiders and women business leaders. She coaches Emmy, Grammy and Golden Globe winners. Isn't it time to make your business shine?

Target Audience: women looking to leave corporate jobs, successful women entrepreneurs, professional women,

Tags: entrepreneur, stress, happiness, starting a business, home based business

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Testimonial for Funky to Fabulous: Success Power Tips for Savvy, Successful Working Women

In only a few months, MY INCOME HAS TRIPLED and there's A NEW LOVE IN MY LIFE

"Working with Eli is like taking a ride on a shooting star. Make a wish, grab the comet's tail, and hang on for the adventure of your life--your own big, beautiful, boisterous life! She has emboldened me to take meaningful risks and supported me to stay the course.

In only a few months, my income has tripled, there's a new love in my life, and I feel exuberant. Eli radiates an energy that lights the way for your dreams to be realized.

I highly recommend her as a coach."

--Stephanie Gunning, best selling author/editor and publishing consultant

New York City, New York

I am a driven, successful professional. Your coaching has enhanced my effectiveness without my having to work at it. Now, I have more energy and healthier relationships than I have ever had in my life. Your coaching has helped me to bring in humor and levity so that I generate more cooperation and team building. What is more remarkable is that I don't have to work at it.

I have heard this stuff for 20 years. You have given me the keys to DO IT!

--Carol Barger, Esq.

Dallas, Texas

Eli has been a terrific abundance and prosperity coach for me!

--Sally Kirkland

Best Actress Oscar Nominee, Golden Globe Winner

Los Angeles, California

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