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Submitted On 2008-02-23

Another e-zine you say! Give anyone a computer and a word processor and they start another flaming magazine! Yes, you are right we have a computer and a word processor and we have started another e-zine. But you see we think that we have the angle. Sci Fi is seen as a “boys” world! It’s funny you know of all the people we know who love this genre most of them ain’t boys. Many groups and clubs are full of women who love the genre. Men go to the movies, buy the DVDs, memorabilia, even t-shirts. But who buys the plates, the Christmas tree decorations, the ear-rings and gets their jeans painted with symbols and signs etc.

It‘s women you know!

So, with all of this insider information we decided to put our mouth where our love is and start, (yes we know another one) our own e-zine dedicated to the genre we love.

Target Audience: SCI FI fans

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