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Submitted On 2006-07-18

Gem News, an e-zine mining for magnificence in your relationships, career/business success, and leadership development. Subscribe now and instantly receive a free audiobook chapter on career fitness.

Target Audience: Christian leaders, coaches, entrepreneurs, pastors, anyone wanting growth and change in their lives

Tags: Christian coaching, leaders, entrepreneurs, pastor, coaches, business, wholeness, self-help

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Ezine Owner: Karen M. Pina

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Testimonial for Gem News

I was looking for something to read that would uplift my spirit. Gem News arrived today, and it is great to see how on target you are with the times and the things we face daily. This is not some mumbo jumbo that we would hardly use. The information is very insightful and I plan to use it. Suzette Robinson

This is wonderful and enlightening - thank you so much for sharing this wealth of information. Angie Murphy

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