Get Smart! Power Thoughts
Submitted On 2006-12-23

A Free monthly ezine for the spiritually, techniques, and resources bringing ancient wisdom to modern day living---relationships, career development, stress management. Free ecourse on Life Success Strategies just for subscribing.

Target Audience: self improvement, people in transition, self-help book readers

Tags: making life changes, life transformation, career change, self improvement, self help, stress managem

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Ezine Owner: Michelle L. Casto

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Testimonial for Get Smart! Power Thoughts

Michelle L. Casto knows what she is talking about!

This information changed my way of thinking. In a short amount of time I have been able to turn my dreams into reality. I put everything into practice that Michelle taught me and the results were amazing. I finally realized that I have the power to change anything in my life that is not working. Learning this has given me the freedom to move my life forward at an accelerated rate. I am not just "looking forward" to the life I have always dreamed of---

I am living it now!

Denice Ann Evans, Atlanta

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