Get What You Want
Submitted On 2006-03-16

Power-packed content to help you get what you want by leveraging the all-powerful Law of Attraction. This resource is for those who are ready to understand why things happen the way they do and how to make it better!

Target Audience: Those who are sincerely ready for a change in life!

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Ezine Owner: Jeannette Maw

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Testimonial for Get What You Want

I've been on your email list for only a short-time, but I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate how fluff-free the emails actually are. They're for real! And it's not just the content, but your styleÖa good vibe, and good writing.

I get so much value from your free ezine, I thought the least I could do was spread the word around. Thank you soo much, and many many blessings!!!

WOW!! That is powerful stuff!! Thanks for the new daily practice. :-)

Your ezine is very cool. It always seems to arrive at the moment when I need it. Thanks. It's appreciated.

I'm smiling all the way with your GREAT stuff!!!!!! A big Woo hoo to you, too!!!!!!!!!!!

You continue to amaze me. Your ezines are sooooooooooooo much better than anything else thatís out there. You always amaze me how much you put into them. How much of yourself. How much of your heart you give. Thank you for continuing to amaze me.

Your website is awesome. Iím really looking forward to getting the ezines and learning more about the law of attraction.

another faboulus ezine!

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your ezine, especially today's topic on "The Power of 30 Days". I just thought you'd like to know that you were an Angel to somebody in the Philippines today! Keep up your great work, and many many blessings!

I just read your Ezine and you have hit another home run! You turned my vibe around and I'm sure you will do the same for others who read your writings.

What a lovely newsletter. Iím really called to find a way to support you. Iíve just put a link to your web site on my resource page on my site. I know others will find hearing from you regularly will offer them a valuable insight.

This was my first newsletter from you and it is FANTASTIC!! Thanks for the pickup. Long story but have been working on budget, paperwork all day and I am looking at it very differently.

Hi Goddess, Just want to say how GREAT your newsletter is. You are such a light.

Hope all is well. I want to say I love the newsletter and am so glad I subscribed.

I've been constantly reading your newsletters. I love the "You gotta try this part" which i faithfully practice. And i must say things are getting even clearer for me like the law of allowing which i find the hardest to grasp. And to this may i say a million thanks to you Jeannette and for being such an angel to a lot of people. Again, my sincere thanks and appreciation to you.

What an uplifting newsletter. I found myself smiling all the way through it. A perfect Good Vibe! Thank you.

Thank you for publishing such a helpful eZine. I really enjoyed reading about Shawn and "that afternoon a messenger delivered $200 cash to him."

What a good emagazine. And I really like the design and the format.

It really is the BEST (by far!!) e-zine I have ever ready!! In fact, it is the only one I've ever (and always read) from top to bottom!!

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