Getting Traffic Principles and Tips
Submitted On 2008-08-04

What every internet marketer should know about traffic building

I keep it short and simple. Here are part 1 of Getting Traffic Principles and Tips

1.Quantity of traffic. Quantity is to be focused on for non-targeted traffic.

2.Quality of traffic. Quality is to be given preference for targeted traffic.

3.Non-targeted traffic. Money is lost on advertisements for non-targeted traffic.

4.Targeted traffic. Sales can be generated with targeted traffic.

5.RSS. Make sure that you have the RSS subscription forms or Feedburner handy and always keep a track of it personally.

6.Email subscription. Ensure proper configuration of the free-of-cost e-mail subscription.

7.Downloads. Get something which visitors can download, like an audio file, a PDF document, etc., which will attract the visitors to visit your website again, which will get you money.

8.Opt in box. Configure the opt-in box as well. As is, you won't be getting many opt-ins, but if you don't have it on your webpage, you will get many.

9.Free traffic. A basic reason behind the failure of website traffic is the fact that people don't think in accordance with the changing times. People fail to believe that free website traffic does exist.

10.Patience is virtue. Patience is the key in case of free website traffic. You may not be able to see the results immediately, but in the long run, you will surely benefit.

11.Videos. Create videos on your own and post it on various video websites like Youtube, etc.

12.The right message. You must market the right message to the right person.

13.Solve. Don't think of yourself as a salesperson, but as a solution provider.

14.Target audience. The target customers should be those who have consumed similar products in the past, or who are planning future consumption.

15.Competitors. Keep an eye on the competitors' activities, and make your product or message better than him.

16.Innovative ads. Make attractive advertisements.

17.Be regular. Be disciplined. You must post messages regularly and those messages must be relevant.

18.Variety. Write on varied topics so that the readers are not bored by the monotonous messages.

19.Digg styles are in. If you have a fair idea of how they function, it can get you free targeted traffic. When the bit of the actual Digg is considered, there is scope for you to excel out there as well, but only if you can get to the front page, but in today's times, it is rare that any random person will even visit the front page, considering that Digg has advanced so much.

20.Niche marketing . Single businesses can rarely tackle an industry in full. No matter how big the corporations are, they just cannot cover the whole market on their own. Here, the role of niche marketing comes. It makes a businessman manage the potential of marketing in a very good manner. By developing unique strategies of niche marketing, your business will be in a position to offer unique commodities to the consumers, and besides, you will also be able to attract target clients.

21.Sign ups. Sing-ups are certain, which will boost your downline, and due to these tested methods, your profits will only increase. The successful people in MLM have an idea that there are only certain people who would wish to get involved actively with MLM. But there are many people, in contrast, who need the opportunities offered by MLM.

22.Web Theme. Be clear and certain when it comes to the theme of your website. For instance, rather than focusing on dog collars, your website can focus on dogs, which makes it a smaller and appreciable niche. However, even here, you can provide clarity to the subject by covering various sections including naming the dog, hygiene of the dog, training him, understanding his psychology, habits and various other things. You can look out for exhaustive information to get a clear picture yourself.

23.Involve the subscribers and visitors. Assign the visitors a role, so that they feel that they are a part of the website. For instance, they may be allowed to participate in forums, chat with fellow members, and be may be mailed a newsletter periodically. This will not only interest them and help in increasing traffic, but even help in building their confidence and relationship with the company. It is a very challenging task to find out ways to build up the value in monetary terms. Experts have full knowledge of it.

24.Postcards and business cards. You can make postcards and even business cards, and hand them out at important events. At the end, your signature can lead the way for their visiting your site. Project yourself as an expert in this regard.

25.Exchanges with other marketers can also help. Their e-zine ads can be swapped with yours. This will provide benefit to both the parties, and it can be mutually decided as to how many times the publication of the other's ads is to be done.

26.You can give away free e-books to visitors. You must write and submit relevant articles all the time, which can be used in various online and offline media. In the short run (about half a year), you will be famous on the internet. You can also start up a free e-book directory service, and attract many writers at a very low cost.

27.Signature. If you make use of emailing quite often, include the link to your blog as your signature. Advertise your blog even on personal business cards. The blog link can be shared at any other place as and where deemed fit.

28.Communities. Friendliness is very much required. Share success stories with others. Communities like MyBlogLog and others provide you this opportunity. Unless you post something, no one will read it. So expecting people to read something without even taking the pain to post it would be nonsensical.

29.Testing. Test the results of the campaigns undertaken by you, on a regular basis. By testing, the areas which are not profitable can be found out, and funds may be relocated to another performing side. Initially, it's just a forecast that a particular campaign will work, but testing shows whether it has actually worked or not.

30.Web space. Switch over to a dedicated server if you find that your website is popular, and is getting a substantial amount of traffic.

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