Global Worming News
Submitted On 2009-04-03

GLOBAL WORMING NEWS" is a popular worm farming newsletter, packed with insider information of worm farming experts. Do you want to start a wormfarm? Are you interested in starting your own worm farm, worm bin or wormery - or do you want to boost and improve your existing Worm farm or compost heap to more to produce more worms, Castings and Worm Tea? Do want to make some extra cash? Turn your hobby into a profitable business?

Target Audience: Environmental concious people, gardeners, Fruit and Vegetable growers, farmers, composters, recycler

Tags: Worm farms, Wormfarms, Worm bins, Wormbins, Vermiculture, Earthworms, Wormeries, Wormery, Worm Casti

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