Gold Mine of Sales Found - In Story Based Copy
Submitted On 2009-03-12

Wise internet marketers are finding out that people are looking for meaning in the Web sites they do business with. Sites that portray hype and flash are quickly falling to the wayside.

Story-based copy outsells competitors 10 to 1. It has been and will always be the preferred method of doing business on the Web. Sellers as well as buyers prefer it, because story based, unique, vivid word picture copy, sells without having the "buyer" even perceive a "pitch."

Target Audience: Internet Marketers, Websites That Sell

Tags: story-based copy,online sellers, Web Businesses, profits, copy, creative writing, copy writing

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Testimonial for Gold Mine of Sales Found - In Story Based Copy

"Your Story-Based copy, converts "lookers into buyers." John G. (Elance Buyer)

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