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Does your arthritis prevent you from slicing an onion or whipping cream? Arthritis does interfere with many daily activities, and one of the most important of these is cooking. The pain and stiffness caused by arthritis can prevent you from cooking your favorite meals and reduce you to eating frozen dinners for the help With some simple adaptations, however, you can regain your cooking abilities. Here are some techniques and adaptations to follow to get you back in your kitchen and cooking again.

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One adaptation you can make easily is to purchase pre-chopped and pre-sliced ingredients when shopping. Chopped vegetables and fruits, shredded cheeses, sliced and cubed meats, and many other similar products are available at your local grocery store. In addition, many deli and meat counters will slice meat according to your request. All you have to do is ask. Using dried herbs and seasonings instead of fresh herbs is another adaptation you can make. This may be a trade of flavor for ease of preparation, as many people prefer the taste of fresh herbs, but you will have to decide this for yourself. Dried herbs are much easier to use when preparing meals, so if your arthritis is severe, it is an option to consider.

Another adaptation that you can make, with a little help from your family or friends, is to arrange your kitchen for easy accessibility. Make sure that your cooking pots, pans, and utensils are all stored within easy reach. Go through your cooking tools and decide which ones you use frequently. After you decide, arrange your kitchen cupboards and drawers so that these items are stored between your waist and chest height. You should not have to bend below your waist or reach above your shoulders to access these items. The items in your kitchen that you use less often can be stored on upper cupboard shelves and lower shelves and drawers. You will not need to reach these items as often, so it does not matter as much if they are more difficult to access. Have the important things within easy reach.

If you have the financial means and are open to making some purchases, consider replacing your cooking items with those that are easier on your hands. Replace heavy pots and pans with those that are made of lighter materials. Use two smaller pans to make a meal instead of one large one that you cannot lift. Replace regular cooking utensils with large handled utensils for the help Good Grips is a brand that manufactures a wide range of cooking utensils with large, comfortable handles that are easy to grasp. These utensils are widely available at many kitchen stores.

An additional tip is to use your small electric appliances. Take your mixer and blender out and set them on your counter, where you can easily use them, and then do it. Using a machine to mix dough, chop ice, or do a variety of other jobs can save a load of stress on your joints. A small electric vegetable chopper and an electric can opener are also valuable tools.

Finally, change the way you move around your kitchen as you cook. Slide heavy pots and pans along the countertop rather than lifting and carrying them. Cook in smaller batches so that your dishes do not get overloaded and are lighter to transport. If you have one, use a wheeled cart to move items within your kitchen or between your kitchen and dining room. When cleaning up, use your dishwasher or, if you don't have one, wash your dishes and let them drain dry before putting them away to save yourself some energy. By following these tips, you should be able to make cooking easier for yourself at home. You will be able to fix home cooked meals for yourself while reducing the stress on your joints, saving yourself pain and swelling. So for less pain and good eats, give these techniques a try.

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