Google AdSense - Someone Clicks and You Earn
Submitted On 2008-07-11

Welcome to another addition of the How To Make Money Online newsletter.

In this issue I'm going to talk about something called google adsense. A basic system for making significant amounts of money.

Google adsense is basically a way to make money through people advertising on your website.

Sound difficult or complicated? It certainly isn't, Google takes it upon themselves to take care of the hard part. All you need to do is put a special code on your website, which Google gives you. Then advertisements are automatically put on your website.

Why would you want to do this? Because you get paid EVERY TIME someone clicks on those ads.

Price per click varies from search term to search term. Some search terms can only get you 5 cents per click, where as other can get you $10 per click.

So, lets assume that you only get 1000 people to your website every day. And lets assume that only 5% of those people click on your ads. Thats 50 clicks a day.

Now lets assume that each of those clicks is worth only 25 cents each (Conservatively). That equals $12.5 a day , or $375 a month or $4500 every year.

Imagine if you got more visitors to your site!

Imagine what would happen if each click was worth $1 each.

You can make a considerable amount of money with adsense and it's something I strongly advise everyone to try.

Where to start

Do you have any knowledge about a specific subject that you think others would find useful? Of course you do, everyone on Earth and a wealth of knowledge locked in their brains, just waiting for you to turn into cash.

Make a website, and write about your area of knowledge.

Information is incredibly valuable on the internet, in fact it's what the internet runs on. If you give away valuable information you're almost guaranteed success if you do everything right.

If you look around the internet you'll find fantastic guides which detail adsense strategies to help you make more money and in some cases, they detail which words you earn more from.

If you want to see an example of adsense ads, they're at the top and bottom of this page.

I hope you enjoyed this article. There will be more to come soon.

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