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Submitted On 2008-10-04

The newsletter will cover all things related to living a healthier and greener way of life. It will help readers find ways to lead a lifestyle that is both economically viable and ecologically sound. It will be a great source for those who are looking for information, innovation, and inspiration. It will help make green living fun.

Features: * profiles of national and international green companies, reporting on both their inspirational stories and earth-friendly products/services * product reviews and special offers * recipes & book reviews * information that is appropriate and fun for kids * profiles of regional and national non-profits, highlighting the work they do and providing information on how to get involved/support them * articles by "special guest contributors" who are authorities or pioneers in their field

Target Audience: consumers looking to go green, green companies, green and eco-friendly service providers

Tags: green, green living, eco-friendly

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lynda calimano, publisher, 631-940-7290

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