Grow a Thriving Business That Fulfills Your Calling
Submitted On 2008-06-24

The Business Visions Into FormŽ Letter offers monthly articles and resources for entrepreneurs who want to grow a thriving business that fulfills their personal calling.

A fulfilling livelihood is based on the essence of who you really are -- it's a form of creative self-expression. Does the vision of a successful calling seem out of reach? How would you feel years from now if you never gave it a chance? Imagine challenging your inner critic and taking real steps to build that life right now.

It could mean taking the leap to start a business that inspires you. It might be launching a new website to increase your visibility in the world. Or, you may just need better time management and marketing skills to maximize return for the work that you do.

Subscribe to the Business Visions Into FormŽ Letter and receive guidance on:

* Discovering your calling

* Business launch and development

* Marketing strategy and branding

* Burnout and life balance

* Business communication skills

* Time management and ADD management

Target Audience: Independent professionals and small business owners

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