Gwen's Healing Garden Newsletter
Submitted On 2006-11-10

The newsletter is issued bi-monthly and is a place where aspects of gardening for the soil and gardening for the soul are shared with readers.

Target Audience: adults interested in gardening and self-help

Tags: gardening soil, soul, self-help, organic gardening, quotes, recipes, ask Gwen, hints & tips

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Ezine Owner: Gwen Nyhus Stewart

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Testimonial for Gwen's Healing Garden Newsletter

“I am a long-time subscriber to your newsletter and would like to have the subject book available as offered in your current newsletter. I have never found another newsletter to be as descriptive and information-packed as yours, especially information not available on other sites. There are many like-subject sites available, with standard and sub-standard common info, but you go the extra mile to research answers to people's questions and bring us a great selection of little-known info not available elsewhere. Please keep up the good work. Thanks again.” - Mary Ann Riley

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