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Your digest of Healthcare Information Technology Reporting, HITSync is a free biweekly email publication featuring the handful of top stories on healthcare information technology (HIT) topics. We sift through hundreds of HIT stories from the leading news sources and weblogs to bring you just the most important ones, with commentary. We don't waste readers' time with PR press releases or fluff. HITSync is independent and opinionated. We add our own original content to the mix, reported by well-connected HIT professionals. There's plenty of humor, too. Our popular HIT Bottom™ cartoon appears in HITSync issues.

Target Audience: Healthcare information technology leaders

Tags: healthcare information technology, telemedicine, informatics, EHR, EMR, WEDI, X12, HL7, AFEHCT, ICD-

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Testimonial for HITSync

Our testimonials tend to be in the form of somewhat technical kudos about something we've written, or in the form of "prayers," as it were, since our readers are aware of our industry connections:

"My gut reaction when I saw this today was that it had some kind of symbolic importance to providers. All the other HIPAA NPRMs sailed thru OMB without a hiccup.. right? Somebody inside CMS told me (about 3 years ago) that the "attachments" issue was destined to be the ultimate battle. In fact, I believe he called attachments "the nexus of the battle between providers and payers". Do you see anything juicy underneath yesterday's OMB decision... or is this just more of the usual govt. self-confusion?" - C.F.

"...Where can I find out more?" - R.J.

"Enjoyed the article on claims attachments... Wouldn't it be wonderful if we had some absolutes in this and it was absolute for all payers? So, can you work on that?????" -S.A.

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