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Submitted On 2006-10-24

Scrub a dub dub...

Turn on the faucet. Get the temperature right. Pull the metal thingy up. It's shower time. Strip down and hop in the tub (don't slip). Squirt a quarter-sized amount of shampoo into your hand and get ready to lather up. You're ready to wash your hair.

So, what's the proper way to shampoo?

Nikita Senbiring of New Wave Salon in Maryland tells you the right way to shampoo:

"Spread shampoo on your hair (not your scalp) to take the oil, dirt and allergens out. Then focus on your scalp. Make sure the tips of your fingers touch your scalp and allow the suds to be distributed throughout your hair. Don't forget about the nape of your neck. Rinse in cool water to stimulate your scalp, letting the water run down the top of your head down to your neck while gently massaging to get the shampoo out.

Scrub-a-dub your body. Push the thingy down. Get out of the tub (don't slip). Pat your hair dry. Don't rub.

While it's important to scrub a dub dub every day, you only need to shampoo your hair (depending on your hair type) every 25 days. Take care of your hair. You want good hair days.

Be beautiful and be well.

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