Heal Your Hunger
Submitted On 2009-02-11

Offering hope and healing for emotional eaters worldwide through great articles, tips and personal, "in the trenches" experience from an emotional eater who literally "takes the cake!"

Target Audience: Women age 20-50, who relate to emotional Eating, eating disorders, obesity, weight loss, addictions

Tags: emotional Eating, eating disorders, obesity, weight loss, addictions, compulsive eating, overeating,

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Ezine Owner: Tricia Greaves

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Circulation: 5000+

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I love the Heal Your Hunger newsletter! It is always filled with great information that seems to speak to the particular struggle I'm having at the time it arrives. Tricia speaks from her own personal experience and I can always relate to her. She is warm, compassionate, and funny. She treats a troubling subject with levity and clarity. ~Sarah K.

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